The Alma

Islington, London, N1 4QU, UK

Pub quizzes take place at The Alma, Islington on Mondays (weekly) at 20:30. Entry is £2.00, you can have up to 6 people on a team. There are prizes of spot prizes, cash, drinks. Happy quizzing!

The Alma
Pub: The Alma
Pub Quiz Notes:

  • Hosted by Professor Wilde.
  • Rounds of: General Ignorance, Conundrums, Puzzles, Films/TV/Music, Obscure Knowledge, Sports, Topical News.
  • Based on 6 top TV quiz shows.
  • Reserving a table is strongly advised.
  • Cheats will be prosecuted.
  • Into to our Quiz Master Professor Wilde.
  • “The Pointless Have I Got QI Never Mind The Countdown Sports Quiz!
  • ” When I was asked to come up with a pub quiz for the Alma, I thought what kind of evening would I like to attend? Two things sprung to mind.
  • WHO WON THE FA CUP IN 1992? First, I didn’t want it to be a succession of general knowledge questions like how long is the Nile? Or what’s the medical name for the back of the knee? So I looked to the TV quizzes that I enjoyed watching.
  • MEASURING INTELLIGENCE I like these shows because they have different ways of measuring intelligence.
  • For example, QI plays on our general ignorance, the mass of information we’ve gleaned over the decades from urban myths & hearsays.
  • To escape the trap & avoid a penalty, you are encouraged to think laterally & come up with a different answer.
  • As we are all consumers of the media, Have I Got News For You enables us to display our knowledge of current affairs & celebrity scandals to the amazement of our peers.
  • Countdown exercises our brains through solving puzzles.
  • Second, add showmanship, like music, a costume & a scoreboard to aid competition.
  • Is it not the duty of a host to make an evening a more sociable affair? Would it not enhance the quiz night experience if you were introduced to your opponents? Even suggest subjects you would like to hear questions of? And as we’re playing a game, so let’s be playful!
  • Wouldn’t adding the ingredients of needle, psyching out the enemy, gamesmanship, even skulduggery enhance our enjoyment of playing a game? AND THE WINNER IS!
  • Why not make a ceremony of winning, eh!
  • Like the Oscars.
  • Blowing kisses, doing a lap of honour draped in a union jack are all part of the ritual of recognizing & applauding our heroes.
  • So it shall be, at The Alma pub every Monday night, & it could be you!
  • PROFESSOR WILDE Finally, where did the idea for Professor Wilde come from? Well to me, a pub quiz is a bit like a classroom, only with alcohol on tap.
  • Some dreamers take this academic exercise quite seriously, its win at all costs and they’re ruthless.
  • I’ve witnessed pub quizzes where, with emotions running high, teams have taken issue with the answers, arguments have broken out & grudges have been born.
  • Whilst others are happy to play down any prospects of winning and play the role of class clown.
  • So, amidst this intense intellectual dick waving, there needs to be a strong arm on the rudder, a sort of referee or High Court judge to ensure the rules are obeyed & the game is played in the right spirit.
  • Ideally, a know it all, patronising, unsympathetic academic giant, in short, a knob head.
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Globe Islington, London, UK
Post N1 4QU
Phone 02036207516
Calendar Monday, Weekly @ 20:30
Entry Fee £2.00
Cash Jackpot £0
Other Prizes Spot Prizes, Cash, Drinks
Max Number Of People 6 People Per Team
Verified? Verified: By E-Mail

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